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SO there hasn’t been an update in a couple of days PARTLY because I’ve been too busy tooling around with my little brother, but MOSTLY because I’ve been too fuckin’ exhausted to lift my stinking, sweating head from his now sodden floor.  Surprisingly, this has little to do with our alcohol consumption– we actually took it easy last night (no laughing, please)– instead, the finger rests squarely on the greasy, swollen orb of doom perched mercilessly overhead.  No, my brother hasn’t hired a squad of thuggish sumos to shade me with their scrotums (though I begged, kiddies, I begged).  THE SUN IS TO BLAME!  This Land of the Rising Sun business is a JOKE.  The sun rises and then looms there crapulently in the poisonously thick air.  NOT that I’m complaining.  (I am complaining).

This rant could end with a glowing description of the beautiful (if smokey) train ride here, of the gorgeous beaches lined with caltrop-like jetties, of the rolling hills and weather-worn graves, blah blah blah.  But I’m too excited to sit down and really commit any of that to paper.  SO, when next I have a quiet moment to myself, I’ll pontificate endlessly on the majestic beauty of this place and its people.  For the time being, I’m gonna go out and get myself filthy with it.  Miss you all!


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