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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Hi mom!

Struggling to figure out what to say to you this evening. It’s been so long… maybe we should start out easy…

L & I are heading to New Orleans at the end of the week. It’s a family trip, with Michael, Kaylynn, & Karen. Remember when the three of you went down there together to scope out the joint for our wedding?

There may not have been any part of me that thought you could possibly think that this could last, but nevertheless, here we are.  Everything we’ve been through these last few years, we’re still sleeping, toes curled, side-by-side. 

L’s major complaint is that she wishes that she wishes she could go back to New Orleans with you, knowing you as she knows you now.  Mine is that I’ll never see that place as you did, will never see what you anticipated for me & my bride as you were charging around that grand old place with L, & K (you & pops were always so damned cagey!). It makes me think of the time you woke my ass up at dawn to see San Gimignano as the sun came up. I was miffed, crabby, & probably mean as hell, but holy crap, did I get some good pictures. 

I know now that that was you trying to bond with me any-damned-way you could. 

What I wanted to tell you this evening was that you are sorely missed, that I love you, & that none of us, not pops, Eric, or Lauren, has stopped thinking of you. 

I’ll end this with your usual sign-off.